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Category: Island
Prefecture: Lassithi
Address: Ξερόκαμπος
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Ammoudi 2694 hits

Agia Irini beach is a small cove located in an comletely untouched region close to the Agia Irini settlement, 16 km from Ziros village, and 2 hours walking fom Xerokambos through a impressive and beautiful path along the coast. It is the exit of the unkown gorge of Agia Irini. 

The beach is pebbly and has crystal clean blue water. It is one of the most remote beaches in Crete, due to its distance from the city centres. It is surrounded by huge cliffs and cavernous rocks and the area is arid. You can reach the village via dirt tracks starting either from Kalo Horio or from Ziros - Hametoulo.


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Agia Erini 2664 hits
This village belongs to the Lefki Municipality.

Between Xerokambos and Atherinolakkos, in a dry, rocky and completely isolated landscape the small settlement of Agia Irini is hidden on a mountainside. The view from the settlement to the sea is marvelous. Everyone who looks for the perfect peace and seclusion, has to visit the area of Agia Irini.

Agia Irini Agia Irini Agia Irini 


Though it is located just 500m far from the coast, there is no beach for swimming near the settlement. The only seashore in which someone can swim is the one at the exit of the gorge of Agia Irini. There the visitor can freshen after the tiring walking.There are two ways where you can reach Agia Irini, either through the detour near Hamaitoulo village, either through Kalo Horio village. In both occasions the distance is almost 7kms of dirt road.

You will find also very interesting the path which starts from Xerokambos and ends to Agia Irini. Very interesting is also the gorge of Agia Irini.
St Irene Gorge
St Irene Gorge 2634 hits
The Canyon of St Irene.
 It is also a very beautiful, small canyon with steep slopes but it is rather narrow at some points.
Agia Irini Coastal caves
Agia Irini Coastal caves 2629 hits

On the beach of Agia Irene, in the southernmost point of the region, caves can be seen in the rocky coastal cliffs, which were created by surface water and coastal erosion (waves), back when they were at sea level. These caves are impressive landforms and stand witness to the fluctuation of sea level during the recent geological past.