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Bus Stop
Category: Bus Stop
Prefecture: Lassithi
Address: Γούδουρας
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Bus Stop

Places near Bus Stop

Asprolithos 2863 hits
The name Asprolithos (white stones) derives from the white pebbles which can be found at the beach. Asprolithos beach is a picturesque sand and pebble beach in the southeast coast of Crete in between Kalo Nero (which means “Good Water”) settlement and very close to Goudouras village, 12km east of the tourist resort of Makrigialos and close to the Kapsa Monastery. 

The nearby coastal village of Goudouras is a center for agriculture and you will see many greenhouses that are covered with plastic. There are no facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach of Asprolithos, there is just sand and seawater. 

It’s a quiet beach although it is located just next the asphalt road. The problem with the beach is that there can be quite some wind here. In 2008 as we drove by, after a couple of stormy days it looked as if a large part of the beach had disappeared. 
Goudouras Beach
Goudouras Beach 2765 hits
Goudouras is a well-known fishing village on the Libyan Sea, close to the well known Kapsa Monastery and Pervolakia gorge. It is situated 12 km to the east of Makrigialos in a unique setting with clean waters and beaches. 

As well as earning money from fishing and tourism, the local inhabitants have increased their income from the cultivation of out-of-season produce and hot house fruit and vegetables.


Goudouras Gorge
Goudouras Gorge 2675 hits
Canyons in the region of Goudouras.
They are short in length (about 1,5 kilometres) but they are the roughest in the region and the potential hiker needs to be very careful, skillful and experienced and in many cases well-equipped.

However, their cavernous, vertical rocks create perfect sanctuaries for the avifauna and rare endemic plants are found on these steep rocks of the canyons as well. These canyons are: The Canyon of  Saint Antonis, which was named after the small church that is built in the north entrance of the canyon, which ends at Goudouras village.

There is also the canyon that begins from the village Mesa Apidi and at a particular point of its route meets a second bifurcation at the abandoned settlement called Samakidi and ends in the north of Goudouras and lastly there is the canyon of Asprolithos, which is a small, rough canyon ending up in the northwest of the village Goudouras.
Goudouras 2665 hits

Goudouras village, is a coastal settlement with approximately 300 permanent residents near the Cape of Erithreo at the Libyan Sea, Lassithi Prefecture and 16km east from Makrigialos.

It is developing slowly to a sea resort, there are some remarkable sandy beaches like Kalami, Asprolithos and Goudouras beach, and you can find also taverns, lodgings and a small shelter for fishing boats.

It is a farming community / vegetable store situated on a fertile plain directly at the sea, with lots of greenhouses and a couple of farms and houses. Behind the village there are the Zakros-Ziros mountains and the area becomes quite deserted. In Goudouras the road turns north towards the traditional villages of Agia Triada, Ziros and the beaches of Xerokampos and Kato Zakros.