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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Chania
Address: Ακρωτήρι
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Πρόκειται για μη θεσμοθετημένο οικισμό , ο οποίος βρίσκεται ΝΑ του Ακρωτηρίου στην περιοχή της παραλίας του Μαραθίου. Η οικοδόμηση στην περιοχή υπόκειται σε περιορισμούς καθώς υπάρχουν θεσμοθετημένες ζώνες προστασίας του αρχαιολογικού χώρου του Μαραθίου. Ο οικισμός έχει τουριστικό-παραθεριστικό χαρακτήρα.

Places near Μαράθι

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Marathi 2853 hits
Marathi beach, located close to Loutraki beach, discovered a few years ago by the inhabitants of Chania. It gets very crowded at weekends and between July and the end of August. Nice sandy beach at the eastern side of the Akrotiri Peninsula with quite warm shallow water. The distance from Chania city is 16 km 
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Loutraki 2752 hits
Loutraki is a small natural bay, 12 km northeast of Chania and close to the souda military base just at the opposite side of the bay were it is located Marathi. Loutraki and Marathi are the two main touristic destinations in the region. A cafeteria, beach bar and fish restaurant are offered. 

In the lovely beach of Loutraki there are provided sun loungers for sunbathing and umbrellas. Sometimes during the weekends the sandy beach may be crowded by the locals from Chania, but even like that it is an excellent place.

Loutraki is only 15 minutes far from the international airport of Chania and 25 minutes from the port of Souda. It is an ideal place if you want to do unwind and relaxing holidays.