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Category: Site
Prefecture: Lassithi
Address: Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος
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Aghios Konstantinos
Aghios Konstantinos 2446 hits
This traditinal village is situated in Lassithi Plateau, 42 km western to Agios Nikolaos and 90 km southeastern to Heraklion, near the eastern entrance to the plateau. 

The village has been named after its church, dedicated to Agios Konstantinos. It is an old village with many stone made houses and old Byzantine churches, dating back at least to the Venetian period, as it is evidenced by several census of this period. Some surface archaeological finds, as architectural parts, burial "pithoi" and some smaller items, show that there was an ancient settlement in the area; however, its exact place has not been detected so far.  

Several hotels and rooms to let are available for accommodation in the area. You will find good food and drink in any tavern of the plateau, which is an area of breathtaking beauty. The place is so amazing, that the visitor may forget that the sea is so close (only 30 kilometers far away) and prefer to stay there to enjoy this excellent landscape. 

There are a lot of things worth seeing in the in 
Lassithi Plateau
and all are found at a distance shorter than 10 kilometers far from Agios Konstantinos. However, you should not miss to drive for 8 kilometers western to Agios Konstantinos, to visit the Psychro Cave or Diktaeon Andron, the cave where it is said to have been born Zeus, the king of gods. Also, it is worth visiting the Monastery of Kroustalenia, at a short distance far from the village. 

In case of health problems, there is a Medical center at Germiado (some 4-5 kilometers far from Agios Konstantinos at the Northwest).