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Κατηγορία: Παραλία
Νομός: Ρεθύμνου


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Directly down the valley where Episkopi village is situated, on 2 kilometers distance from the village is the start of Episkopi Beach, which stretches all the way to Kavros or Kournas beach and Georgioupolis at the end. It is a sandy and wide beach that is 10 kilometers long.


At the beginnig of the beach on the east side there is an opportunity for naturism, and then a few 100 meters further down the beach there is the first taverna with sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a small supermarket.

On the quiet part of Episkopi Beach you can sometimes see a special kind of bird that is looking for food. There can be some sea weeds on the beach but not really much. The beach is quite clean and it is quiet.

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The gorge of Petres which lies at the eastern side of Episkopi beach, Rethimno prefecture, is easily accessible even by bathers. You find the gorge on the main road, 12 km west of Rethymnon and 63 km west from Heraklion city.


There is room for parking at the seaward side. The river of the gorge is a continuation by the gorges and rivers of Mili and Kato Poros Gorges and Asi Gonia gorge-river. It has water all year round and forms an important wetland of Crete. It is a marshy area and there is a pool on the landward side of the road, which attracts a variety of herons, waders and migrants. A good watching point is the overlooking point on the east side of the river. A chapel is under construction at the roadside entrance. The Petres gorge, which is reached by a track on the eastern side of the river, has breeding Griffon Vultures and possibly other birds of prey.

The narrow part of Petres gorge is quite small and is approximately 1km long, and is the part close to the beach. You can start the walk from the village of Karoti or Koufi, some km south from the main Petres gorge area.