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Peristeri island is located on the northern coast of Rethymno, very close to Bali at a distance of 46 km from Heraklion and 35 from Rethymno. It is a small peninsula that narrows and discontinued forming a small deserted island.

The island is of no particular interest as it has no easy access to or from the sea because of the steep rocks. However, especially beautiful and ideal are the beaches formed on the small peninsula, with white sand and turquoise waters. Access is almost easy since the dirt road leading to the beaches starts next to the highway.

Φωτογραφίες Προσεχώς
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Mougri cave is located in the middle of Kouloukonas mountains (4km east of Bali coastal village, Rethimno Prefeccture), just northwest of Vossakos monastery. It was formed within the “Plattenkalk” rocks, probably along one of the big faults in the area.

It is a very impressive cave with a rich decoration on its side-walls. It is formed by two main halls of about 2 thousand square meters in extent. Remnants of water rimstone dams in its deepest part indicate that it was active many years ago. It has been used by humans, at least since the Minoan era. The cave can only be accessed, however, by caving specialists.

The reasons for the abundant caves that occur in Psiloritis Mountain has to be searched for in the predominance of the carbonate rocks, in the succession of the carbonate rocks with other impermeable rocks and in the complex geological history of Crete. From the sinkholes and potholes on the surface, to the underground caves and other formations, the underground cavities of Psiloritis are the missing rivers of its surface.

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Vrachi or Krassota Beach, is a small remote beach, 36kms eastern from Rethymno and 45kms western from Iraklion, close to the highway. You just need to drive on a dirt track 200m long to the beach. 

The road starts where Chnaris Tavern is located on the highway. Please, for more details have a look at the map below. The beach is pebbly, but not protected from north winds. There is also the possibility to walk to Vossakos Monastery to the south after 4 hours through Vossakos Gorge, which is shaped just behind the beach. There are some taverns and rental rooms at the area. There are also some shadowy trees on the beach. Almyrida village and beach are 40 kms east from Rethymno town and 6 kms north  from the bigger village of the area, Sises. The area is also unknown to the foreigners and so, it is quiet even in high season.