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Κατηγορία: Βενζινάδικο
Νομός: Κέρκυρας
Διεύθυνση: Corfu

Βαθμολογήστε: BP
Μέσος Όρος: --
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Acharavi is a busy and lively resort set on the North coast of Corfu, boasting something for everyone. It is not just a resort, it is the main town for the North of the island and many of the local people visit Acharavi on a regular basis as there is a post office, banks, a dentist and doctors and all the facilities found in a modern town. You will also find shops such as hardware stores and flower shops. Acharavi has plenty of Tavernas and bars, and a good, long, sandy beach. Behind the resort, set in the hills are excellent walking paths. These have recently been cleared and are part of the Corfu trail. The shops in the main town are situated either side of the main road which runs through Acharavi. Little streets run off this road down to the beach, where you will find many of the beach Tavernas and bars Acharavi is a family resort offering everything from the sandy beach for young children and adults alike, to the night life that teenagers require. The re-opening of the Corfu trail in the hills behind and above the resort, has opened this resort up to walkers. There is a wide selection of tavernas. Many on the main road serving everything from a snack to a three course Greek meal. Or, why not try the Tavernas on the beach while watching the sunset. Taverna Maistro is an excellent place to sit and watch the sunset while enjoying a lovely meal and a glass of chilled Boutari or two!!! Acharavi has plenty of bars, throught out the town and going towards the beach. There are lively cocktail bars showing the latest films and sporting events, or quieter bars on the beach - for that all important aperitif before going to one of the local Tavernas. Exchange/Money There are several banks and cash machines on the main road of Acharavi. There are also many places to exchange money in the resort of Acharavi. The tourist type shops will also change travellers cheques and foreign currency for you. Public Swimming Pools in Acharavi The pool bars in Acharavi are open to the public. These are free to use but you will be expected to purchase a couple of drinks/snacks from the bar during the day. These swimming pools are mostly situated on the side roads just off the main street. Telephone and Post Box There are public pay phones on the main road and also on the beach. These are the card phone type and you can purchase a card from the main supermarkets in the town. There are not only post boxes in Acharavi but also a main post office. So if you need to send a package or an urgent letter here is the place to do it. The post office is on the left hand side of main road coming from the Kassoipi side, inside the supermarket. Look for the Yellow Post Box with the Horn, outside. Children's Facilities There is a play area and park just off the main road in Acharavi this is at the beginning of the centre. Disabled Facilities Acharavi town is very flat there are no hills to the shops and most of them are level with the pavement. Although be aware that the kerbs are quite deep.