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Νομός Ξάνθης

Xanthi  is one of the prefectures of Greece. It is within the East Macedonia and Thrace periphery. Xanthi has no or only one province. The capital of the prefecture is also called Xanthi. Xanthi is the smallest prefecture in area and population in all of Thrace and is the westernmost. Xanthi borders Bulgaria along the Rhodope Mountains to the north, and the Aegean Sea to the south. The prefecture of Kavala lies to the west, Drama to the northwest and Rhodope to the east. The mountains of Koula lie to the east and the Papingio to the northeast. This prefecture, with rich past and dynamic present, has an important characteristic that the Christian element coexists with Moslem. However the tourist will meet in each step, marks from history of place of many centuries. The city of Xanthi, which is the capital of prefecture, is the administrative and commercial center of region. The lifetime in Xanthi is moving in fast and cheerful rhythm. You should visit the Byzantine castle in the northern department of current city, the preferable ancient city, the children's thicket with the magically panoramic view and the monasteries of Pammegiston Taxiarchon. Porto Lagos is a small fishing village, which is built up above in the narrow peninsula, that separates the Vistonida from the sea. Porto Lagos developed to an important tourist resort. According to the fishermen of region, in the bottom of lake exist ruins that could be identified as the ancient city of Vistonida, the fabulous capital of Diomidi. The areas that mainly get Mediterranean climate is at the southern and the central portion. Its climate is mainly continental with cold winters in higher elevations and the northern part.

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Xanthi, dominated by the remains of a Byzantine castle, lies on the southern slopes of Mt Karaoglou, in the tobacco-growing region of Thrace. Station on the Salonica-Alexandro?polis railroad line. Also of note are the tobacco warehouses on the edge of town.