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Κατηγορία: Παραλία
Νομός: Δωδεκανήσου


Βαθμολογήστε: Τσαμπίκα
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Overlooked by a Gibraltar-like rocky outcrop topped by a monastery, the huge swathe of fine, soft sand at TSAMBIKA or TSAMBIKI, also called Tsampiki or Tsampkia, is approached down a precipitous, hairpin cement road. The steep descent of 1.5km or so rules out tourist buses and other public transport, but the beach nevertheless teems with tourists and sun beds are jammed together like playing cards, particularly along the northern stretch. A beach taverna is supplemented by several caravan cafes offering little more than lemonade, beer, rolls and shady relief from the midday sun. Behind them the sand peters out to a dirt and gravel area that serves as a huge car park. Expensive sun beds peter out at the southern end which is favoured by hundreds of hermit crabs and shoals of tiny fish. According to legend, barren women had only to climb barefoot up the concrete steps to the tiny white Byzantine church of Panayia Tsambika to ensure pregnancy. As a result many of the island's children are named Tsambikos or Tsambika, depending on sex. The outcrop overlooks both Kolimbia and Tsambika beach with stupendous views of both and more besides, while the surrounding area is protected from development.

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This is basically the Archangelos town beach. STEGNA or STENGENA is 2km from the village (and 33km from Rodos) down a steep and winding road to a beautiful coastline of sandy bays and rocky outcrops. The beach itself is quiet until the boat trippers arrive just before noon. Around 100 are disgorged daily for 3-4 hours. The beach is mainly sand with odd patches of shingle here and there. Clusters of rock add interest and there are plenty of small coves and rock pools to explore. There are beachfront tavernas and local bars and a tiny harbour at the end of the bay. Small and isolated, the village has few facilities. Only one hotel changes cash and the nearest bank cash point is in Archangelos. Only one bus a day and no local taxis make it feel even more isolated. Four mini markets offer the basics. German package tour companies favour this area too and a large hotel to the north of the beach caters for them.