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Category: Town-Village
Prefecture: Chania
Address: Chania
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Paleochora is a big village in south-west Crete. Located on a small peninsula it has been a popular place for many many years because of its good beaches and pleasant surroundings. Getting there: Paleochora is 75 km from Chania on a good road. There are several buses per day. The village also has a ferryboat connection to other villages in south-west Crete. Atmosphere: It is a "real" village with a constant population of about 2000. Paleochora is lively and sometimes a little crowded in the high season but it is very easy to get away from the bustle. In summer months, the main road crossing the village as well as the road along the eastern sea front get closed to the traffic in the evening. This is wonderful if you have children as they can run around without danger. Accommodation: Huge choice of rooms, studios and self-catering apartments. Most of the time it is very easy to find something on the spot in Paleochora. Restaurants: Many restaurants of all kinds. Shopping: Good shopping for basic needs . Nightlife: Several bars and a discotheque. So there is a nightlife but it is not a loud place at night. Beach: Beautiful long sandy beach, a little exposed to the west wind which often blows here. There are several other more protected (but pebble) beaches nearby. There are more beaches further west at Konduras and Krios.



Your sightseeing around the wider area of Paleochora and one day trips to the colourful villages that are spread all over Selino province, will offer you a unique chance to visit and admire the Christian temples of our region. 

The icon-paints and murals that adorn the old churches of Selino, remain in good condition, with images that, apart from the admiration for the technique, they submit the visitor-pilgrim to an introspection experience and spiritual awakening…

The riches of the area in muraled temples, cannot be found in any other region of Crete! Plenty Byzantine churches, most of them constructed in 14th and 15th century, in every village you visit in Selino. The spread of the population in small isolated settlements and the normal outcome of constructing temples on each of these areas, have bequeathed our land a long and importand “list” with Byzantine and Early Christian churches!
The muraled temples of the region are above 100 and we mention sign of places where a large number of churches are gathered and you are able to visit. Starting from 
and with direction to the west villages of Selino, you will meet many churches in Voutas area, in Sklavopoula, Sarakina and the wider area of Koundoura. On the east part of our province, your sightseeing at villages like 
Anidri, Azogires, Prodromi, Rodovani, Koustogerakocan be combined with visits to byzantine churches of the area. Going north to Vlithias, Kadros, Plemenianaand the wider area of Kandanos, you will have the chance to admire more indications of Christian worship and Byzantine icon-painting. 


Places near Paleochora

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Halikia 2948 hits
There are two beautiful and picturesque bays with fantastic beaches at the village of Paleochora. The west beach of Pachia ammos and the Eastern pebble beach which is called "Halikia", it is 2 km long and quite crowded in the summer and it is an excellent place for windsurfing.

To reach the beach of Haliki, you have to take the coastal road to Anidri Village.When the wind blows this the pebble beach is much more protected. It have been awarded with a Blue Flag.
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Pahia Ammos 2841 hits
Pachia Ammos is an amazing sandy beach in the area of west Paleochora, very close to the town, 78 km south of Chania. With a great view to the Lybian Sea is thoroughly equipped with long chairs, umbrellas, surf boards, some bars and much more. In the area there are several traditional taverns. The Pachia Ammos beach is long, really long, and attracts the majority of tourists and locals during the summer. The sandy beach, is little exposed to the west wind which often blows here. There are several other more protected (but pebble) beaches nearby. There are more beaches further west at Kunduras and Krios. When windy, Pachia Ammos beach is excellent for surfing. A treeline at the top of the beach provides extra shade.
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Museum for the Akritans of Europe 2714 hits

The Museum for the Akritans of Europe was created by the Hellenic Research Folklore Centre under the European Programme ACRINET in the town of Paleochora, in Pelekanos county, Chania prefecture.

The scientific coordinator of ACRINET was the center of Hellenic Research Folklore, with the responsibility of the Director Catherine Polymerou-Kamilaki.

On 9 July 2006 the new museum made its first steps, after strenuous efforts by both the Center of Folklore and the Municipality of Pelekanos, hoping to become an important center of education, culture and entertainment for Paleochora and Crete in general.After all, this was something that was missing, as the area of Selino, is not much developed concerning cultural infrastructures at a time when the town of Paleochora is developing rapidly to a touristic resort.Therefore the Museum for the Akritans of Europe will play an important role to the culture for the community and a very worthwhile attraction for the visitors of Paleochora.The Museum for the Akritans of Europe, aims to show and highlight to the European public, the priceless values ​​of peaceful coexistence in the intensely multicultural environment we all live in and the timeliness of the references of the Akritan songs and texts.

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Manolis 2712 hits

Welcome to our house in Paleochora, Chania, south west Crete, where you come as a guest and after an unforgettable holiday you leave as a friend. Our rooms and apartments are in Paleochora-the most beautiful town on the cretan south coast, exactly in the south-western corner of the Chania-district.