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Hellenistic Bridge
Category: Ancient Site
Prefecture: Rethymno
Address: Rethymno
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Hellenistic Bridge

Η γέφυρα βρίσκεται στην περιοχή της Λαγκάς, η οποία συνορεύει προς τα ΒΔ με την κοινότητα της Αλφάς. Τη βρίσκουμε λίγο μετά τη συμβολή των 3 χειμάρρων (Φαραγγίτης, ρέμα της Χαλοπότας, Νησί), στο νοτιότερο τμήμα του μεγαλύτερου απ' αυτούς, που ρέει ανάμεσα στη Λαγκά και την Αλφά.

Εχει τμηματικά λαξευτεί στο φυσικό βράχο, ενώ το υπόλοιπο τμήμα της είναι χτισμένο με εκφορικό τρόπο. Είναι εντυπωσιακά καλά διατηρημένη γέφυρα με οξυκόρυφη καμάρα. 
Χρονολογείται στο 2ο αι. π.Χ.

Places near Hellenistic Bridge

Eleutherna - Orthi Petra Necropolis
Eleutherna - Orthi Petra Necropolis 3011 hits
Excavations in the area of Eleftherna or (Eleutherna) were started 16 years ago, in 1985, when the Department of Archaeology and History of Art of the University of Crete started research on the ancient city and subsequently brought it to light, of which philological texts had already given mention. As early as 1929, H. Payne, the director of the British Archaeological School, had also carried out minor research in the area. Remains were discovered in the wider area of the two contemporary and neighbouring villages of Eleftherna and Ancient Eleftherna, which are situated in the northern foothills of Psiloritis, at a distance of 24 and 29 kilometres respectively from the town of Rethymno.More specifically, the most important findings have been discovered at three places on a hill, which is situated between two converging streams: at the place of Orthi Petra on the west side of the hill (excavation section III), at the place of Pyrgi on the summit of the hill (excavation section II) and at the place of Katsivelos on the north side of the hill (excavation section I). Further important findings have been discovered in the area of Nisi, near the modern village of "Eleftherna", which mainly include remains of a settlement of the Hellenistic Period.At the place of Orthi Petra, Professor N. Stampolidis, archaeologist and leader of the excavating team, brought to light a necropolis dating back to the Geometric and Ancient Period, as well as Hellenistic and Roman buildings and streets, which had been built on top of earlier constructions. At the place of Pyrgi, on the summit of the hill, where the centre of the ancient city is believed to have been, the archaeologist Professor Ath. Kalpaxis has discovered parts of buildings of the Roman and Early Christian Period.On the east side of the hill, in the area of the modern village of "Ancient Eleftherna", the archaeologist, Professor P. Themelis, discovered a part of the settlement showing all the chronological stages from Pre-historical to Early Christian times.Among others, Hellenistic supporting walls, Roman buildings and baths have been discovered as well as an early Christian basilica with three aisles, boasting a narthex and a superb mosaic displaying geometric and floral motifs.Supporting walls of the Hellenistic period, Roman buildings and baths, as well as a three-aisled early-Christian basilica with a narthex and a beautiful mosaic displaying geometrical and floral motifs have been discovered at the excavation site directed by Prof. P. Themelis.North of the ancient city, following the riverbed, which stretches west of the Pyrgi hill, you will find a bridge dating back to the Hellenistic period. The bridge forms a pointed arch.