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Κατηγορία: Πόλη-Χωριό
Νομός: Κέρκυρας


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Mirtiotissa beach has been known as Corfu's nudist paradise (although not so secret anymore) and one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. It is also known as "the only beach in the Corfu where nudism is officially tolerated". Located around 13 km west of Kerkyra town, just next to the cosmopolitan beach of Glyfada, Myrtiotissa defenitely has something "special" about it. Anyone who visits this place gets hooked and will...always come back. The natural beauty of the place, the isolated environment along with nudism, create an exotic and relaxed atmosphere. Myrtiotissa, the cleanest of all beaches in Corfu and one of the prettiest in Greece, remains unspoiled by modern civilization. Its morphology is the main reason why this place has been undeveloped over the years. Breathtaking cliffs, wild vegetation, rocks planted everywhere and a steep downhill road make the beach of Mirtiotisa still hard to access. This beach has always been attracted by naturists. It was discovered by the hippies in the early 70's, who actually created a narrow path, through the bushes all the way down, because the beach those days was completely inaccessable. That path over the years became increasingly larger as more and various kinds of visitors were discovering this "well-kept secret". A lot of those "hippies", now in their 50s, are still visiting the place some of them with their families. Also people from every part of the island of Corfu are coming to Mirtiotisa to enjoy its natural scenery. As for the path, there is still some dirt road. The left side of the beach (as you face the sea) is mainly populated by nudists, both singles and couples, gay, lesbian and hetero, young and old together. At this part, there is also the famous natural shower (well, a half inch cane pipe) with clean water coming down from the mountain - a fast and natural way to get rid of the salt water. The middle section is preferred mainly by families, couples and generally people who don't bathe nude, although some nudists can be found here as well. At the end of that section, after the big rock, begins the right part which is rocky and more isolated. It is used as a relaxing spot and a cruising area also populated by nudists. Eventually Myrtiotisa has something for everybody. A unique place!