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Richtis Gorge
Category: Gorge
Prefecture: Lassithi
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Richtis Gorge

Richtis Gorge  is a state protected park near Exo Mouliana, Sitia, eastern Crete (Greece) that starts at the traditional village Exo Mouliana, which is located on the national road between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia and ends at the secluded Richtis beach, just east of the village Kalavros. The hiking trail is about 4 km in length of easy (spring/summer/autumn) to moderate (winter) difficulty. Rich vegetation (mainly platanus trees, wild berries and local flowers and herbs) and animal life (mainly local species of butterflies, small reptiles, birds and small mammals) can be observed along the way, as well as old stone bridges and water mills before it culminates with the Richtis Waterfall and beach, making Richtis gorge trail one of the moThe Canyon of Rihtis

The entrance is just before the village Exo Mouliana and it ends up at the beach of  Rihtis in the Cretan Sea. The path is well-preserved and it goes along the river which has constant flow during almost the whole year. Vegetation is astonishing because of its diversity in such an arid place as the East Crete.
The plane trees Platanus orientalis are dominant. Oleander Nerium oleander, ivy which climb up the tall trees and wild vines along with lots of annual plants and herbs made up the flora of the region. There are also lots of orchards full of different kinds of fruit trees.
An elaborate architectural arch bridge (Lahanas) connects the river banks and helps – until today – those who want to go to the other side. The canyon is also known for its twenty metres in length waterfalls. At its end there is a small lake as well. diversified hiking experiences in Crete

Places near Richtis Gorge

Exo Mouliana
Exo Mouliana 2661 hits
Mesa and Exo Muliana: There are a number of possibilities for the etymology of the name. One suggestion is that it is derived from the verb "moulono": bend or stoop, indicating that the location is lowin comparison with the surrounding mountains. The second view is that it comes from the Venetian word "mulo" : a mule, or thirdly it could be a corruption of the word «maglinos», a dialect word meaning «tall and slender» which is used to describe the main icon of Agios Georgios (the patron saint of the village Exo Mouliana), which is the church of the village Exo Mouliana. Mesa Mouliana is a little further on than Εxo Mouliana, being 19 km from Sitia on the way to Agios Nikolaos. In the Venetian census of 1583 it is listed as Messa Mugliana with a population of 458. The hamlet of Kalavros is also part of this community.

Muliana Village in East Crete Muliana Village in East Crete Muliana Village in East Crete 

This is an area of considerable archaeological interest from which there have been many finds. In 1903 Stephanos Xanthoudides excavated two tholos tombs of the Late Μinoan period at Sellades and subsequently tombs of the Protogeometric period. In the first were found both cremation and interment burials, which is characteristic of the priod.

Among the finds were a gold mask, a false-neck amphora (stirrup jar), vessels of pottery and of bronze, a sword and a bronze buckle. A very important find was a Protogeometric bell-krateron one side of which is depicted a huntsman pursuing two "agrimia",wild goats, and on the other side is the earliest representation found in Crete of a man on horseback.

Muliana Village in East Crete From the book "Sitia", N.Papadakis, Arcaeologist,1983
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