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Πύργος Φαλάνδρας
Category: Forts
Prefecture: Heraclion
Address: Φαιστός
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Πύργος Φαλάνδρας

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Agios Ioannis 2668 hits

The small village of Agios Ioannis is one of the three villages that constitute the community of Kamilari. The village of Agios Ioannis is a very calm one, built at the foot of Phaistos hill, which was the second biggest center of the Minoan civilization in Crete, after Knossos.
The first known reference to the village was in 1303, then the village was regularly mentioned in official documents, census, etc. The village name was adapted to the language of various invaders: Agios Janus Meligha, Giovani Meglia, Agios Ioannis Melika - this "Melika" only applies to this village and identifies it. The name of the village Agios Ioannis may also come from Agios Ioannis o Xenos, a man from Sivas, who apparently had built most of the churches of the area, and later became a saint.

The area was quite rich in water, so it was a place where people who had fields could cultivate until summer. There were systems of small channels with small "dams" to gather and keep the water as long as possible. Even rice was cultivated in the area. At this time, the "Geropotamos", the river that runs between Phaistos hill and Tymbaki
Mires road had water all year long. At the foot of the hill of Phaistos is the Gerontomylos, a traditional local watermill.

The houses of the community are built on the ruins of an ancient city. Today the village has about 60 inhabitants. There are three popular old churches that belong to the village of Agios Ioannis.Extensive sandy beaches in the area invite you for a swim, Kommos beach (4,5 km) with its Minoan excavations or Kalamaki beach (5 km).