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Νέα Σικυώνη
Κατηγορία: Πόλη-Χωριό
Νομός: Χαλκιδικής


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Νέα Σικυώνη

Nea Skioni is situated in the south-west of Kassandra at a distance of almost 110 km from Thessaloniki. According to the ancient historian Thucidides, Nea Skioni was built right after the Trojan war by soldiers from Peloponnese, who stopped there to spend the winter. Main occupations for the inhabitants of Nea Skioni , about 840 nowadays, are fishing, bee-keeping -honey- and olives growing. In Nea Skioni there are numerous hotels and rooms to let, Greek taverns with fresh fishes, stores with all kinds of souvenirs and super markets. The village's harbor is one of the largest of Kassandra, where loads of fishing boats from Thermaikos Gulf moor. The white sandy beaches, from witch one is Blue Flag awarded, offer many hours of sunbathing combined with a brilliant -sunset- view over Thermaikos Gulf.

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Χανιώτης 2599 hits
Chaniotis Village is another village in Kassandra peninsula of Chalikidiki. It is mainly a summer resort, since its population fluctuates from 500 to 12500 depending on the season. This village was built in 1936 when the old Chaniotis Village, 2.5 km (1.5 miles) away, was destroyed by an earthquake. The natural surrounding, full of springs and rich vegetation, including a dense pine tree forest, is still untouched by tourism, since the latter has not reached the mass tourism paranoia. The village owes its name to the first settler who started the old settlement, and who, coming from Chania, Crete, was rightfully called Chaniotis. St George church (Aghios Georgios) is worth a visit. Mainly, though, people visiting the village do so to enjoy the excellent beaches in or near it, although there are dozens of alternative choices if you want to have a good time during both day and night.