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Category: Beach
Prefecture: Rethymno
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At a distance of some 35 kilometers far from Rethymnon and 3 kilometers from the village Lefkogeia at the southern coast, it is found the sandy beach of Schinaria, well enough protected from the winds. The beach is relatively unknown to most locals, but for its few visitors it remains a heaven and they do not hesitate to rank it as the best beach of Crete. 

It is a relatively small beach with soft gray-beige sand and fine pebbles, with crystal blue deep water. The seabed is rocky, but on the north part of the beach, it is sandy. Life thrives in the area, in and out of the sea. On the beach there are small ponds with fresh water that comes from springs that carry water from the surrounding mountains.

Places near Shinaria

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Klisidi 2735 hits

Mikro Amoudaki or Klisidi beach

The Mikro Amoudaki or Klisidi beach is a tiny cove with turquoise waters in the Plakias area, 200m east of Mikro Amoudi and 700m east of Damnoni beach. Reaching it involves climbing down a short but almost vertical cliff and it is certainly not easy and stout footwear is essential. 

This cove is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides. A rocky pinnacle stands out of the water. To reach the 3 beaches of Ammoudi (Amoudi, Mikro Amoudi and Mikro Amoudaki) on foot, you can walk east of Damnoni, till you meet Ammoudaki.


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Amoudi 2672 hits

Ammoudi is a wonderful sandy beach 38 kilometers far from Rethymnon at the South, 6-7 kilometers at the East of Plakias and some 10 minutes walking from the beach of Damnoni, well protected and not affected by the winds. 

It is reached by a road (signpost Amoudi Beach Hotel) between Lefkogia and Damnoni. The hotel is set back from the beach. Their majority of the area visitors though prefers to swim in Ammoudaki which is in a small cove on the right of Ammoudi (between Ammoudi and Damnoni)